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Finely Twined

Crystal Car Charms

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Natural crystals of all variety  have become a popular item you're easily able to find in most homes around the world. So why not in your car? This handmade macrame car charm is the perfect addition to your vehicle for both style and some claim to maintain healing properties!


Rose Quartz: Crystal of unconditional love. Inspires compassion and inner feeling of peace.


Flourite: Releases anxiety and stress. Promotes self confidence and positivity.


Iron Pyrite: Protects against negative energy. Enhances memory and emotional stability.


Amethyst: Protection stone. Relieves stress and encourages selflessness.


Snowflake Stone: Stone of purity. Promotes balance and emotional stability.


Amazonite: Soothing to the nervous system. Inspires truth, integrity and self love.


Macrame Hanger

100% Organic Cotton

3mm Single Strand Cording


100% Natural Raw Crystals and Stones (unpolished or tumbled)

Each stone will have varying shades, sizes and shapes, and may not look identical to the photograph.


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