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Finely Twined

Monarch/Milkweed Necklace

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Hand-embroidered Monarch/Milkweed necklaces are here!


Did you know that monarch butterflies have been placed on the red list of endangered species?

In the last 10 years the monarch population has decreased up to 72% (99.9% over the last 40 years), due to pesticides, deforestation and multiple other human caused changes. Milkweed plants, the only plant monarch larvae feed on, have been compromised causing devastating effects on these beautiful creatures. What is suggested we do about it? It's simple, limit your use of pesticides and herbicides, and plant milkweed in your gardens!!!


Each individual purchase of these handmade necklaces will come with a free packet of milkweed seeds for you to plant in your home garden and assist in saving the monarch population!


Hand-embroidered detail on natural linen

Antique Bronze monarch backing

24 inch Antique Bronze chain